Our Story

The dream of a better reality

Donate Attention

Our mission

Turn influence into change

We get influencers on the same page and Donate Attention to simple ideas that change the world.

Donate attention

About Us

Donate Attention is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to solving social issues on a global scale.

Our adventure started by sharing our dream of a better reality. Everyone loved it and the dream got so much attention, we decided to create Donate Attention.

We're on a mission to influence change. We get the most influential people on the same page and together, we Donate Attention to simple ideas that change the world.

We are grateful for everyone that believed in us and shares the dream.

One love,

Our Founders

Trevor Soares
Founder / CEO
Mark van der Heijden
Founder / CCO
John Zdanowski
Founder / CFO

Our Principles

Culture influences reality. We live by a set of principles that define our culture and share the dream of a better reality.

Keep It Simple

When you get too complex, you forget the obvious. Simple is genius.

Stay Positive

Your positive attitude is one change that makes a world of difference.

Be Present

Focus all your attention on the here and now. Your future will take care of itself.

Take Action

Some people may doubt the things you say, but no one can deny the things you do.

Stand Together

Individually, you are one drop. Together, we are an ocean of infinite possibilities.

Dream Bigger

Your biggest dreams come true if you have the courage to share them.

Our Partners

We are grateful to partner with brands that influence society and culture.

Let's share the dream.


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln
US President

Be a Changemaker

Donate Attention to simple ideas that change the world. Let's get everyone on the same page.